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Born 1978 in Switzerland
Displaced Swiss, living in Gilbert, AZ (USA)
Height 173 cm (5'8")
Weight Competition 66 kg (146 lbs.); Off-Season 70 kg (154 lbs.)
Married, father of two boys

  Medium distance triathlon is my focus, cycling is my passion.

What I rely on:
  My believe that there is a God who created me, who sent his Son Jesus to die for me that I may have eternal life. With my efforts and my behavior on and off the bike, I try to honor him.

Why do I do this:
  By definition of the the bible, man was made in the image of God. We are made for the purpose to glorify our Creator and we can do so by using our gifts. I'm gifted with a healthy body and I want to glorify God by using my healthy body to its potential. It also creates great oportunities to share my faith and lead fellow athletes and friends into a fullfilling life with Jesus Christ. The competitions are a side effect. As funny as this may sound; just because you're in good physical shape doesn't automatically motivate to exercise. Especially when the weather doesn't cooperate, or the sofa looks more enviting than the bike saddle. I need goals. To complete races are my goals. To finish within a certain time frame is my goal.

What supports me:
  My wife and my two boys are usually not far away and help me to put things into perspective when I'm contemplating the meaning of life.
 Supporters: IWC - Swiss Watches, Skinfit - Just Multisport, Radsport Schumacher Schaffhausen, Fabian Neunst√∂cklin/F9Training, Sponser Sport Food

What I do for a living:
  Sports is fun, but needs funding. Since I don't get payed for my athletic efforts, I'm working full time in an IT Management position in the transportation industry to feed four hungry mouths.

What I'm good at:
  I'm very persistent when it comes to my personality. My pursuit of perfection and attention to detail in most things I do hinder me as well as excel me. I have a very high tolerance for suffering and perserverance when it comes to athletics. Wet conditions, even though I don't like them, don't seem to bother me as much as the competition. Although I have been athletic all of my life, I might not be as talented as some of the top athletes, but I make up the difference with effort.

What I could live without:
  Liars, cheaters, stupid people, cold conditions, or any combination of the previous.

What my wife thinks about this:
  Quote: You're just not normal!

What I ride:
  MTB hardtail: Scott Scale 910, Timetrial: Argon 18 E-118 Next, Road: Look 566

What I wear:
  Shoes: Sidi, Helmets: Scott/Rudy Projects, Clothing: Skinfit

What I run on:
 Hoka One One

What I eat:
  Sponser Sport Food

How this all started:
  I used to play team sports. At the age of 25, I won a mountainbike in a raffle and started riding. After our children were born, I didn't have much time for team training anymore. Cycling has always been an easy combination of athletics and transportation. For the first 5 years, I participated, as time went on, I started competing in my early 30's. As of now, I love to challenge myself, reach goals and try to continue as health, family and motivation permits.

My motto:
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